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The wave is a set of sounds, songs and melodies of the living, recorded, in a state of connection  with the wild nature of Cassis in Provence. When I am in connection with the wave, something arises inside and the void can be. The voice from within can then be sung, following its natural impulsion : the life force energy. Listen to the rhythm of the waves. Surf on the wave. Play with the waves. Let yourself be immersed, dive deep, as if to discover its secrets and the great mystery of life. I offer you in this album, guided by the nature life force energy.


A living album that is created over time and in connection with the wave. May you reconnect by listening to this album to your powerful life force energy and your true nature. Welcome it, let it be, let it sing, let it live. Finally, be alive to these sounds, sacred chants and natural melodies. There is nothing to do. Just be. Just feel. be in the ease...our natural state of being.

These songs are prayers sung to pay homage to the living. Inspired by my oriental roots, they sing through me, the traditions of forgotten peoples, of the earth, their original songs and their ancient languages. Through my voice, I bring them back to life.

A beautiful listening of these universal sounds.

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