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Living ectasy retreat
3 days in 1to1 with the visionary artist

Evelyne Toromanian

Welcome into your birth right « Living ectasy retreat ».

Our creative retreat are a high transformational and luxury retreat design following your desires in the most exquisite place in South of France, in Cassis, a seaside town. Why living ecstasy ?

This start for me by a dark soul of night, a deep dive into my wounds, my traumas, my past stories. I master the suffering. I went to therapies, to training, to energetic healing, or art therapy for multiple decade. I invest a lot of time, energy, space and money for my healing. However nothing really was changing despite my desire of change, transformation or new life.

NOTHING. I was desperate that I couldn’t believe in a new miraculous approch that will help me to feel less suffering, have beautiful heartfull connexion with people, create money from my art and my creative business and step powerfully into the new life iam born for !

Nothing was happening despite my daily dedication. I felt that I couldn't live in my reality the desires I had for years now and this was causing me deep suffering. This lead me to a deep depression with suicidal pattern. I wasn’t anymore in love with life. I didn’t want to stop living, I just wanted to stop the suffering and I felt powerless, like I do not have the medecine to do it, despite all my transformation. My nervous system was into a permanent activation and chronic stress for years, which cause a gain of weight, hormonal dysfonction...and I was desperately looking for something to feel good, be again connected to joy, to laugh again and feel alive !

I start using breath and sound, taping into my sexual energy and this work.
I dive deep into creative process that empower me and help me to free myself from deep non expressed emotions and old energies,
I discover that self care and skin care is a powerful tool to elevate my energy to a new state of being.
I walk a new futur by elevating my emotions and shifting my energy to transform my reality.

I start being aware of the unconscious and my limited patterns.

I meditate daily, from 2h to 6h a day to accelerate my transformational process and this work.

One day, on a meditation retreat this explode. I had an ecstatic arousal. A heart deep opening, that lead me from deep cry to loud laugh and free myself to this depression. So I know what you are going through. I do know it.

I also know that speaking about the suffering do not change your state. You have already done it without any feeling of lightness or ease in your emotional state. The truth is that everything is taking place into the energy.

This is the energy, that hold a suffering information that always connect you to the same relationships, love partener who do not want to commit, customers (if you are artist/creative entrepreneur) which push in all your boutons and create more suffering, or to live in a place that seems different on the paper, but you do recognize that the energy will lead you to suffering again, and again, and again.


This is your time to rebirth to your most ecstatic self. Our Retreat Living ecstasy has been designed for you.

This is a 3 days retreats in a one to one immersion in south of France, in cassis, with Evelyne.

This is for you if :
- You are an Artist and a Creative Entrepreneur for decade now,
- You have been journeying very deep into your creative and transformational journey with really seeing change in your life or the feeling to live the life that you truly desire,
- You are so ready, to say a powerful FUCK YES, to rebirth to your new ecstatic self,
- You feel inside the calling to contribute with your art and creative calling to let circulate more love, life, and ecstasy in our lives and into the world,
- You are used to energetic activation, you have a daily creative and vibrational practice and your are a highly committed being ready to live your most ecstatic life, fall in love with it and create an impact wit your art and your creative service, and become a multiple 6 figures Artist & Creative Entrepreneur, following your turn on, your passion, and your desires !


To give you a taste of our luxury transformational creative retreat :

- You will have a 90 minutes to 2h call to prepare for our retreat. Evelyne will gather the required information, design an experience that you never forget as a pivotal point to your ecstatic life.

- Your 3 days retreat in France.   

- We will start our day with in a café, in the harbor of cassis, for a creative break fast and divine time to connect, to journal and write your most ecstatic vision and what you want to experience during our time togheter,   

- Always start with a one day into the luxury spa sysley Les Roches Blanches. A day of high treat spa, massage, local gastronomy cuisine, and a leisure time on the swimming pool and its private beach.


The next two days will be dedicated to a full energy mapping process, which is a creative journey created by Laura Hollick. I will guide you into the experience of Sounds Alchemy, Orgasmic Breath Work, Daily quantic meditation to awake your primal sexual energy from within and into somatic movement to free yourself from past emotions (without having to go into the suffering, the story or so…) just by playing with your feeling, your high emotions, and your desires. This is a real game changer. To change you can do it just by playing, having fun and pleasure !


Sometimes this can also lead you to energetic orgasm and ecstatic arousal that free yourself from the chain of the past. We will do morning and/or evening meditation on seaside to elevate our energy, our thoughts, our emotions to the ecstatic futur we want to create for ourself, our art/busines/life and for the world.


This retreat is currently at the price of 5 000€ (included the art material, the day spa, your 3 lunchs + your collations and the break fast the 1st day + a skin care welcome package). At your own expenses, your diner, your travel and your accommodation. The normal price will be 10 000€ after my certification as a soul art guide, on the process energy mapping. If you want to be the first one to beneficial to the living ecstasy retreat send me an email.

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