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Exhibit your art in France

2023 is approaching ! This new year will be a new begining for me and maybe for you. On this new year, I am reopening my incredible exhibition Lab' for the ones who are ready to exhibit who they truly are and their unique arts in europe.

This is an exhibition gathering for 6 international visionary artists who are ready to exhibit for the first time or go to their next level of pleasure and lightness with their life & exhibition. During 6 months we are going to have a lot of fun, lightness and pleasure creating from a totally fresh state of being a new art collection. You will explore your new state, live a kind of rebirthing ritual through the art exhibition.

You will be guided into a deep dive to open up to your next level of pleasure and lightness, during our bi weekly call. You will enjoy our creative immersion in south of france, to deeply dissolved yourself in pleasure and lightness, discover new landscape and get a new inspiration through the amazing light and different shape of blue of the seaside.

You also be guided to uplift your creative leadership and allow yourself to sell your art in a high level price that are more aligned to who you are and the transformational power of your art. Because, YES, ART IS HIGHLY TRANSFORMATIONAL. YOUR ART IS ! So it deserve to be aligned to your new customers and your new pricing.

Then, we will be exhibiting as a collective through a 3 days exhibition in France. 2 one o one call are also included to open and closed our exhibition process. I have a unique way to approach exhibition, as a creative process of our next level of creation & evolution. Exhibition is then a powerful tool to transform and manifest our true desire and live our true life, the one which feel good !

If you feel a deep yes, inside, let's connect to have a chat together. We begin end of January. This is open for International artists from Europe, US and outside europe, speaking english or/and french, who are crazy enough to be who they are in their wholenesss. It will be leading with my most creative and adorable french accent !

Are your ready for a life changer exhibition into total bliss ? For more details, contact me. Warning, this is going to be, really orgasmic ! Ahaha...Who do not want to live this during the first 6 months of the year ?

Life do not has to be heavy, difficult, suffering...this can be so joyful, easy, pleasurable, light...and so much, unknown for the moment...

If you feel you need to play again in your life and in your carreer as Artist, let's connect to see what amazing adventures, we are going to live together.


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