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Connected ebook information -  21 days, free, Zero Expenses


Author & Creator:Evelyne Toromanian

Size:Digital for better reading prefer the tablet or the computer

Editing : Winter 2022/23

Language : French

Pages:200 pages


Connected e-book - 21 days, FREE, Zero Expenses


I was a big consumer of ready-to-wear and shoes. Never anything to wear. Never the right shoes. All going well within my budget for the senior executive that I was. My reconversion pushed me to make choices. I could no longer assume the same lifestyle. I then embarked on a frantic race to allow my business to take off. Online and face-to-face training in personal, artistic and spiritual development. Business coach. Branding. Photoshooting...the list is long...and endless...A feeling of constantly having to invest MORE to Generate More. It hurt my nervous system and my bank account. A real financial collapse. A period rich in teaching and in particular, a revisit of my purchasing behavior. Who am I if I no longer consume? What kind of woman, artist, entrepreneur am I if I no longer consume?

I thus installed long periods " Zero expenses " in online training, support and other processes of all kinds. I also lived long periods of “ Zero expenditure ” in beauty routine, ready-to-wear, shoes… Until I installed a minimalist, slow and which allows a return to basics that suits me, while promoting my values, respecting my body and that of the planet. LESS IS MORE. Buy less but buy better...


I also learned to question my purchases. If I had unlimited money, would I buy? Is it essential now? Can I do it by myself or is it a contribution to be accompanied? When living this, is it going to create expansion or, on the contrary, contraction? I listened to the energy that was behind my desires, my desires and my impulses ... to sometimes realize that it was not so necessary for me, that I could function without, that that add no joy or this something to own the thing ... return to simplicity and circulate your money, where it really makes sense, with companies / brands / teach respectful of the values of the earth and my body .

It is thus in a new connected ebook that I guide you for a crossing of 21 days FREE, Zero expenses… quite apropos after the Christmas holidays… And if you embark on a new challenge to go more in depth from your consumption habits, bring more awareness to it, discover, from who you are, how it can work, by getting out of an autopilot mode that no longer nourishes many aspects of who you are deeply! Consume from who you are!

A diary of creative routines that offers you every day for 21 days a time of introspection to get back to basics, be slow and flow. You will experience a creative process that combines journaling, the practice of connected drawing and creative writing...something to inspire you to start a new year in 0 waste & Zero expenses's good for you and for the planet! Who says less expenses, also says, less waste!

Each free connected ebook is designed as a creative ritual inspired by fasting, we are going there gradually, with a consumption descent time of 7 days, our 21-day challenge and a gradual ascent rich in deep transformation, new habits of consumption more in line with who you are and earthy friendly!

Our ebooks are challenges that offer profound transformations, it takes courage, to dare, this something different, which we are not used to, which is a little out of the box and allows us to put some pigment back into our lives ! They are to live! They offer a form of reset, putting us back in our center, in a return to the essentials.

I wish you a beautiful Zero Expenses challenge to access even more your true freedom, the one that comes from within!



Connected e-book - 21 days, FREE, Zero Expenses

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