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  • What is visionary art?
    Making the invisible tangible, giving substance to what is infinitely small and infinitely large. Immersed in a non-material reality, the artist seeks to express what is of the order of vision, of the invisible, of the subtle, to bring it to public view. This art is an art which is felt, which is addressed above all to the being, to its body and invites to an inner exploration, a journey between the worlds...the world of matter and the world of consciousness.
  • Where can we discover the works and collections of the Artist?
    You can discover the artist's works and collections by private appointment, during private and collective exhibitions, or during his public events, conferences and others... Subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed of upcoming exhibitions, concerts and performances in your area.
  • How to organize a private exhibition or a conference with the Artist?
    Do you want to involve the artist at a conference or do you want to facilitate future exhibitions in your region? You can send a form to the artist in the contact section with a message that motivates your intention or directly via this link
  • I am an artist and I want to exhibit, can I get advice from the artist for my artistic career?
    Every year, the artist opens an incubator for emerging artists and first-time exhibitors. You can contact the artist by stating your desire to be guided in your career as an artist and your desire to exhibit your works. Contact her via the form or via
  • Will i get any physical proof?
    Yes whenever you buy a land you will get a property hand signed document from us.
  • How many planets can i buy?
    We contineously try to add new planets in our list in our solar system to our galaxy and beyond so you can buy land from any planet.
  • Is it appalling?
    Yes it is super affordable starts from only $15 for 1 acre.
  • Is it legit?
    Thats on you there are no law which states that you cannot do this so.
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