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Connected ebook information -  21 days, free, social networks


Author & Creator:Evelyne Toromanian

Size:Digital for better reading prefer the tablet or the computer

Editing : FALL 2022

Language : French



Connected e-book - 21 days, FREE, Social networks


That project you can't finish. This book that is impossible for you to begin. This something that you constantly postpone... This vitality that seems to escape you, as if you were drained... This something that watches for notifications until sometimes, extracting you from what you are doing, or a conversation, reducing your concentration to nothing...Always on the lookout for customers...And if it was time, to offer you, a real time of disconnection? Free, from social networks...Free to be yourself...A deep journey to take your next level of leadership, connection, creativity and inspiration...Finding the connection to who you are deeply in disconnecting you from Social Media.

If you are an Artist, Coach & Creative Entrepreneur AND the entirety of your activity is lived online, you must have heard that Social Networks are the only way to deploy your activity. You can no longer find your marks as before in your online presence. Your posts, your lives, your videos/lives that you post no longer have the same impact and you lose your passion. You know you need to experience a major transformation in your connection to social networks, you know that taking a break will allow you to free yourself from the mental load, energy and time for other things, but you resist it. How are you going to run your business without social media?

What if there were other ways to deploy yourself online?without using RS, while enjoying all your time, a renewed vitality and being able to create real connections with your audience? Write a book, get interviewed by magazines, speak in online summits, in podcasts, a TV/Radio show, or give conferences/develop your local network...move to your next step of visibility and your highlighted.


The Creative Routines Journal is a guide that accompanies you throughexperience a major transformation in your connection to your social networks. It allows you to rediscover your passion, to cultivate your imagination, to dare your creativity to think outside the box of social networks, to feel more ALIVE by living experiences that are in deep agreement with who you are and the imprint true that you wish to pose in this world, with your art, your business, your multiple passions.

Playful & Inspired…You have a process to prepare for it 7 days to do a social media raid like you might do a food raid before a fast. You are guided to make clarity in your current connection to social networks and to connect to what you really desire to live there.

For 21 days, you are guided through a set of creative routines that use connected drawing, body feeling and intuitive writing. You don't need to know how to draw to follow the journal. It appeals to your feelings and intuition. This newspaper thus, will make it possible to makemore room for what turns you on, through introspection that will allow you to discover and listen to your deepest desires.You regain clarity, vision, inspiration. Maybe even, during a routine, make you connect to that something in suspense that is waiting for you and that you could not receive, by the clutter offered by our massive connections to Social Networks.

A 7-day, gradual climb, to give yourself space and time, to discover, now, howconnect to social networks from its essence, from who you are deeply.

Living this process will push you to your limits. It will allow you todare to greater leadership, greater impact, new creativity, to follow your intuition on a deeper level, to listen to your body by being even more present in it, in order to find new ways of operating, "Outside the social media boxand maybe even, be active, by creating links & new connections, through your encounters in the real world and no longer only in the virtual.

If you're ready toa major transformation, in your connection to your social networks and an Art / Business that is experienced differently while being as impactful, I invite you tooffer you our connected ebook - 21 days - FREE, from social networks.


As soon as you register, you will receive an email to download your connected ebook, which you can start at your own pace.

A beautiful creative journey to you, that it can make room for what is most essential to you!




connected e-book - 21days, FREE, from social networks

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