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From one shore to another...

colorful poetry,

For a more sensitive world of tomorrow

The south, the light, the sea...and it's a completely different universe that invites you to paint. The Aquatic Worlds collection is a set of poetic and mystical watercolor drawings. Each drawing tells us a story, a poem or an initiatory tale, to be enjoyed by the fireside. The light seizes us in a journey in depth, of our inner waters.


Sometimes a collection emerges naturally, following the flow of creation. By bringing together all the works, a global story is told. The collection of aquatic worlds has a very fine energy, very subtle, very soft, very sensitive. It connects me to the energy of the Siren, to her love songs, something very refined. Poetic stories, delicacy, something that we taste with refinement, beauty. A highly sensual work, which brings us back to our essence, to who we are deeply. There is movement, fluidity, slowness, an imprint that settles, with elegance. A slowdown in its depths. Each work is poetry, an ode to love, to rebirth, to this dolce vita. The energy there is tasty, it's refinement, haute couture, new frequencies.

aquatic creatures

from another world...


Aquatic creatures from another world, allowing to transcribe the invisible, which perhaps belongs to the great mystery of life. WATER = LIFE. The living at work in all its beauty. By taking a meditative time with these works, I connect myself to the depth of the water, what it nourishes in itself, the life it allows to generate. THE RENAISSANCE...

22 poetic works

at the service of the Living!

From one shore to the other, a set of works that accompanies the passage, from one reality to another.


Slowness, silence, depth, step by step rhythm, the gestures and the birth of each work. Round colors: pink, blue, pastel, light. Slow gestures that allow when the color material meets the water, to dissolve to follow the flow. The creation emerges when the brush penetrates the water. A form of creative sexuality, in something that refers to the meeting of origins, to this something sacred in oneself, to the meeting of the feminine and the masculine, in oneself. Each work is a poetic, sensory, sensual journey. An invitation to settle in its matrix waters and from this space let yourself be born. An invitation to love what is.

A collection accompanies the passage, from one reality to another, from one bank to another...

It is born of a situation that many of us have experienced in recent years. The covid that impacted my family. My mother developing a severe form. While she was placed in an artificial coma, my grandmother died of covid. One embarking on its second life towards other invisible planes. The other in this between 2 between life and death, before his rebirth. And me, here, alive, looking at these multiple passages, including the one that pushed me to work, with my own rebirth. A sensitive, poetic, mystical work, which guides us to live a passage, and which I hope could soften the departure of a loved one, just as much as accompanying your own passage, towards a new dimension of yourself, towards your new reality. A collection that invites us to be reborn, to who we are deeply... going through the confronting stage of mourning for a loved one and for oneself... accepting to let die, to strip oneself, to better be reborn in life.

A sensitive, poetic and mystical art...which is meditated
Choose the work that invites itself for your interior and your interior,
to better live its passages.

Discover his unique message, his initiatory tale, his phrase to ponder.

Oracle works that transmit a message as one might draw a card to brighten up their day or receive an inspired message!

A crush, to offer yourself and to offer


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