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Since 2016 Evelyne intervenes as an Artist-Speaker for podcasts, online summits, interviews or even events on stage. She puts her plural and sensitive experience at the service of a changing world. What is our place? Where do we stand in this new ecosystem? Today is no longer like yesterday. Today is a bridge to the future. Let's open our vision. Let's push innovation and creation further. Let's create what does not yet exist, beyond the forms we already know. It is the artist that we are going to need, to be able to navigate the next millennium, to cross the unknown of a changing world, destination: THE FUTURE. Change your perceptions of reality. What if we were bigger than we thought we were? What if another reality was possible at any moment? What imprint do we want to leave on the world?  What is our responsibility for future generations?

For 10 years, Evelyne has been transmitting an innovative approach to Art, she traces interconnections with Sexuality and Money: The energy of life. An expertise that invites us to transcend what we already know to open ourselves up to a lively approach to entrepreneurship and art, to the current of energy underlying everything related to creation. It combines powerful archetypes allowing multi-passion/multi-talented Artists-Entrepreneurs and Leaders in transformation through the arts, voice and body, to achieve, succeed and impact, with their multiple arts, by putting to the world of innovative projects with a strong societal impact. Interventions that live in this unique something that combines sensitivity on the part of the artist and leadership of the entrepreneur, depth & lightness, feminine & masculine, structure & inspiration that give birth to: Creation. You discover the intimacy of the living laboratory of creation. It is above all a question of life in an Artist Talk! There are real conversations, authentic, daring, which move the lines and push creativity further, towards innovation. This something that restores the desire to live a new field of experience, to authorize and be inspired by what we deeply desire to see born now, in a world in full mutation.

Does the intimate link between creativity, sexuality and money intrigue you? Are you curious about the visionary capacities of the artist who brings his visions into reality through the act of creation? Would you like to transcend the beliefs that block artists, creative entrepreneurs and visionaries from taking action to bring their creative projects and dreams to life? Are you passionate about the creative process and do you want to discover behind the scenes of the creation of an art and an innovative company? Are you sensitive to transformation through the arts, voice and body? Are you a Tedx or event organizer and are you looking for that something "out of the box", unclassifiable, far from everything that is currently done, offering new possibilities for the future?

  Bring in Evelyne Toromanian for a unique Artist Talk! Submit your request for your online summit, for your academy, for your podcast, for your youtube channel, your blog, your magazine or your clicking on the envelope...

Listen to our latest Artist Talk at summits, podcasts and interviews...
Let's transmit together what does not yet exist and contribute with innovation to your audience and your community

Together let's open up new possibilities!

Do you have multiple passions and multiple talents? Are you an Artist, Leader and Creative Entrepreneur? In this conference, broadcast during the Artiste Ô Féminin summit, Evelyne shares her experience as a creative entrepreneur and plural artist. How to no longer sacrifice a talent or a passion, but bring them together to create new projects.

Evelyne Toromanian shares with passion her way of seeing entrepreneurs, creatives and artists and how she accompanies them to get out of the prison of monoculture. This interview is made for#slashers #slashers,#multipotentials,#hypercreatives, etc... If those around you tell you that you are dispersed, that you have to sort out what you do and if you feel like a part of you has been amputated Then this interview is for you. She will give you ways to reconcile the different parts of you.

An interview with Anne Sarkissian during which Evelyne invites multiple Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs to create their unique universe, to give birth to their power and their artistic DNA. Dare to follow his true career as an artist, bringing together all his talents and all his passions, in order to offer the world something that does not yet exist and that resembles you. Creation from within. She also talks about Transformation through the arts, the voice and the body, the creative delivery of her innovative projects.

An interview with Evelyne for the summit of the invisible worlds. She speaks there, of the place of the artist, in the future, to navigate, the unknown, to bring innovation and to make it possible to move the old structures, in order to create, new and perennial structures. She also shares her journey, from project manager in innovation to Visionary Artist and how being an artist allowed her to reinvent herself, both in her life and in her career, to find meaning...

With Nadia Bertrand, it's a special Artist Talk. Evelyne talks about creation, from the origin of the world. Y approaches the notion of black work, the importance of plunging into its shadows, in order to be able to reveal the light, like an alchemist of creation. She shares with you how painting and intuitive creation accompany her in these passages. It speaks of stripping, of getting naked in order to make love to creation. A lively interview!

Subscribe to our powerful artist podcast, live your true life as an artist, to listen to more artist talk. Evelyne shares new podcasts every fortnight that are designed as real creative processes. You have there this something which allows itself to be received, putting into words, what is of the order of the sensitive and the invisible. A great exploration of the universe of powerful artist podcasts, designed especially for artists engaged in their inner, artistic AND entrepreneurial path, a winning trio to live their true life as an artist!

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