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The Powerful Artist magazine

The 1st Artist lifestyle magazine, to live your true life as an artist AND get paid for it.

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For years, as a creative leader and artist, I have enjoyed browsing art magazines, mindstyles, such as happinez, inress. I draw inspiration from it, images for my paintings of alchemical visions. I dream of finding a magazine that speaks to the artist that I am. I dream of a magazine with interviews with inspiring artists. I dream of a magazine where I can discover the author and the book, which will allow me to influence my career as an artist. I dream of a magazine where I can receive a creative process that will allow me to put art back at the center of my life, my business, my relationships. I dream of a magazine where I can also be nourished to deploy my career at the highest level. I dream of a magazine where I can discover living works, paintings, poems, songs that raise my vibrations when I feel heckled by a breaking wave.

I dream and as I like to realize my dreams…I created this magazine, for us…it is my contribution to life. A sensory experience, an authorization to live his true life as an artist, to be its creator, to propel himself in his trajectory and to bring his art to the highest level. A magazine that follows the rhythms of creation, 4 issues aligned with the energy of the seasons + A bonus issue.


Sign up to receive, for free, the front pages of our n°2, the 1st artist lifestyle magazine created by a Visionary Artist for Artists, Creative Entrepreneurs and Leaders in transformation, through the Arts, Voice and Body. An unclassifiable format, hybrid between podcast & creative mindfulness, you will find art, transformation processes, creative and conscious tools to better live your daily life. We speak without taboo, of embodied spirituality, sexuality, art, money, life energy... You have all the keys to find your own keys and live your true life as an artist!

I am honored to be able to contribute to the creation of your true life as an artist by offering you the first pages of this magazine. If you feel that it can be a contribution for an artist and a creative leader, to follow this magazine, subscribe it! It's a gift you're giving her!

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A whole universe at your disposal to live your true life as a multi-talented artist, multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs, and Leaders in transformation through the arts, voice and body, in a starry, connected, pigmented way and deeply connected to who you really are, to your DNA and your POWER as an Artist!


Receive the first 10 pages of powerful Artist magazine N°2! An issue that invites you to explore painting to transform yourself sustainably, to guide transformation and reconnection with yourself, through the arts, the voice and the body, or even dare to take the plunge, with its first signature exhibition!

Welcome to the world of Powerful Artist Magazine!

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