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Kali & the primordial creation energy

KALI ! Right now on my path as woman, feminine creative leader and artist, Iam playing with Kali energy. This is a powerful energy that help me to destroy old paterns, old structure, old way of doing business, or being in relationship.

I have always loved her energy. I feel so empowered while working with her. She helps me to dissolved the residus in my energy fields that closed me in a soumissive energy/pattern or let others not respecting neither my time, my energy, my talents/art nor who I am. She is the master of the new leaders !

Kali is great. When she is with me. There is such a strong NO that I can be expressed to create a wild and wide space for a YES to land. This is all about learning again from our deep roots. Saying a deep, powerful, profund, sacred YES from our roots.

Choosing to be an artist required to say a deep yes from our roots. In the path, what feels not aligned, not anymore, or seems to obstrute our birthing channel, what we are currently birthing as conscious creator to the world, is being reconfigurized...or if we resist to this, the life force energy will create a lot of suffering.

In this specific energy, this is like a seed that has grown and ready to grow, get out of the soil, and just blossom. There is a kind of acceleration where you cannot contain anymore a flower ready to blossom. This is the power of nature...the power of creation. YOUR POWER as Artist ! Being at ease with Kali energy is such an acceleration for the ones who need to blossom in their life, leadership, art & business...

How does it sound for you ? Ready to be a portal for powerful creation energies and bring to reality your most powerful creative project ? Let's chat about it.

Iam opening 3 spots for 3 powerful Artists for my 6 months mentoring Powerful Artist New codes before the annual increase of my rates.

If you have also this desire to exhibit your art in France, I have also this possibility for you to join my Visionary Artists Incubator, a unique co-creative collective process to bring your dream to exhibit your art into reality...

Please stop DREAMING...Be your dreams...Live your dreams NOW. The time is now...

Send me a voice message to clarify your calling and make your dream a reality for 2023 ! Iam so ready and YOU ?

This message inspired you ? Forward it to 3 of your Artists friends that really need that right now !

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