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Information on the summer 2022 magazine:


Author & Creator: Evelyne Toromanian

Format: Digital for better reading prefer the tablet or the computer

Editing : SUMMER 2022

Language: French

Pages: 100pages


Pleasures and Lightness: Summer will be hot and creative!


The magazine took a break this spring to revive better. Another format. Another energy. Certainly another script. There sometimes comes the time to lay the thing of art fallow, in order to better be able to reap its fruits. It is thus, even more committed to transmitting my path as a Plural Artist and Creative Entrepreneur that I open this ball differently! 10 years of trajectory as an artist-entrepreneur that I put at your service through this unique issue. It will be a question of creating his new collection, from another level of consciousness, especially by daring his new imprint of an artist...To make the sale of his art, a real work on a daily basis...To live in his exhibition as we could inhabit the world, inviting us to reveal ourselves a little more, a real exposure.


Then always, a process of transformation through the arts, the voice and the body for a sensual, sensory, erotic and highly creative summer. How about having fun? on the canvas of your life, your bed and your work! It's time to make love to this canvas! It's a summer number that touches you like a gentle caress, when you allow yourself to be gently touched by the movement of orgasmic and creative waves!


I tell you, the summer will be hot and creative, so to better immerse yourself in your art, your intimacy and your business, to embrace your great work. Our issue will be available from July 23 to better be savored from your tablet or your computer on the terrace of a café, after a swim in the sea, or simply after one of your ephemeral works. Enjoy! In summer, we get naked, we strip off everything that is not deeply who you are to dress better in your essentials! The essential voice of the artist, the one to live his true life as an artist and creative entrepreneur.


I'll tell you all about it in our summer issue!



For this summer edition you will be guided through 4 transformation processes through the arts, voice and body to:

  • Open the door to your new collection,
  • Open the door to your new DNA audience,
  • Learn to play with the energy of pleasure to manifest your next level of financial abundance,
  • Finally, a special sexuality, for those who wish to reinvent themselves in their intimacy and open a new door in their sexuality.


You will also find many podcasts there to change your perspective and open yourself up to new possibilities, in particular through the sharing of the blog-podcast powerful artist and an artist talk, with Nadia Bertrand.


+ 7 hours of sensitive listening, which transforms his life, his intimacy, his art and his business in more pleasure and lightness.


Throughout your reading, you have processes, tools, which use energy, intuitive creation, the voice, or even sensitive writing, in this something which reconnects us to our desires, allows them to express themselves and live.


A libertine and transgressive number, which invites us to break our own codes, to get out of our own taboos, to no longer censor ourselves to dare to be the artist I want to be...Enjoy!




For this caliente edition, pleasure and lightness are at the center, with a special file highlighting powerful artist talents. You will discover the testimony of the transformation of Joelle Talpin, Mosaic Artist, Chemist Manager and Mom, who went from a submissive artist to a leading artist.


You will also taste the erotic pen of our sensitive author, Nadia Bertrand, who will not leave you indifferent.


You have a special Lifestyle pleasures and lightness file which invites you to reinstall pleasure and lightness at the heart of your daily life, by taking care of yourself, by installing pleasure rituals that are good for the soul and the body, and in each space of its ecosystem.


Invitations, doors to open, others to close, to match a daily life and a lifestyle of which only your artist has the secret. In this unique something that makes love inside-out.


Treat yourself, treat yourself to our opus of this summer!



Digital Powerful Artist Magazine N°3

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