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Work "Orbite" is from the collection "Aquatic Worlds" by the Artist Evelyne Toromanian

Material: Watercolor inks on paper

Colors: Turquoise, Fuchsia,  Green

The work is signed on the back by the artist, accompanied by a poetic calligraphy  and its certification of authenticity.


Starred message of the work:

After long crossings, you can have the feeling of going around yourself at 360 degrees and discovering new contours. Everything of itself is silent. Everything settled down. The old is gone The new has arrived. This new for the moment can be felt, can be touched but it is not yet possible to become one with it. There is like learning, to dare to discover it, to dare to discover new territories and to become one with the unknown. A passage has been lived opening to new explorations and experiences. It's like a newborn baby who has just poked its head out...the tip of the new has's up to us to welcome it to bring out its invitation to support, the last contraction, the ultimate thrust, as if to expel the entirety of his creation, of his great work.


Phrase to ponder from the work: "I have fun discovering my new contours and exploring new territories"




Orbite Format A4 21x29cms Aquatic Worlds Collection

  • L'atelier d'Evelyne se trouve sur Marseille 13. Vous avez la possibilité de venir chercher votre œuvre à l'atelier ou une remise en main propre, peut vous être proposé, dans un café raffiné sur la place de l'opéra, à Marseille ou sur un des cafés du port de Cassis en provence.


    Si vous ne pouvez pas vous déplacer sur Marseille, Evelyne organise la livraison par un de ses transporteurs agréés ou le votre. Les frais de transport et de douanes sont à votre charge. Si vous avez besoin de faire évaluer les frais de transport/douanes en france et étranger, merci de me contacter avant ou après votre commande par email.

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