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Work "Super nova" is from the collection "Connection, new humanity" by the Artist Evelyne Toromanian

Material: Acrylic + colored resins

Colors: Gold + Black + Green + Red

The work is signed on the back by the artist. When you buy this work, you receive as a gift, a guided meditation, by the spoken and sung voice of the artist, in podcast format, . A unique experience, which allows you to live your work, through all your senses, as if you were inside the creation.


Starred message of the work:

I am a super nova. A star at the end of its life. A cycle ends. I mourn it to better be reborn, to expand, taking on my full potential. The space that was mine is getting smaller and smaller. I let myself explode, to dissolve into the universe and become a new universe. Infinitely now, I can deploy myself. The particles of my star disperse to create a whole other universe. I thus embrace a new cycle of creation. I agree to die totally to one form to be reborn ad infinitum, to another, which I do not yet know. I abandon myself to the creative process at work. I dare to walk in the unknown to let my greatest creation be born and thus give birth to the world after. I can thus give birth to this reality that I have always felt. I thus become the creator, bringing who I truly am.


Phrase to ponder from the work: "I now let go of all my attachments to the old and I open myself to the new"




Super Nova 40cmsx50cms Connection Collection

  • L'atelier d'Evelyne se trouve sur Marseille 13. Vous avez la possibilité de venir chercher votre œuvre à l'atelier ou une remise en main propre, peut vous être proposé, dans un café raffiné sur la place de l'opéra, à Marseille ou sur un des cafés du port de Cassis en provence.


    Si vous ne pouvez pas vous déplacer sur Marseille, Evelyne organise la livraison par un de ses transporteurs agréés ou le votre. Les frais de transport et de douanes sont à votre charge. Si vous avez besoin de faire évaluer les frais de transport/douanes en france et étranger, merci de me contacter avant ou après votre commande par email.

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