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Here come the sun

I remember 10 years ago, when all this artistry inside me start coming. I just wanted to paint with any intention, whithout any frame, without any rules...Just to paint how i feel it...just let it go what i truly needed to paint. Easy ? right... I remember saying to a friend that i do not want rules in my painting. I want to be free while painting. Not having someone telling me how to paint, impose again a way to do things. I was starving to be fully expressed. to do it on my terms.


I remember this drawing book I bough to try something new. I wanted to draw trees. I do love nature. This is my first source of inspiration. I remember my brother in law who knows how to draw. I didn't know at that time or at least it was just a belief from my not very confident artist. We start to drawing trees...He tries to make me draw "perfect" roots, "perfect" lines, to make it so closed to the reality...this blocked me for a decade. I wrongly understood that I do not know how to draw...he knew...I dont...So I quit...thinking that my thing is just abstract art and colors...

Here comes the limitations...

From this summer, I start mixing media water colors/ink with posca. Posca are my new sex toys ! So much PLEASURE & CREATIVE ORGASMS...Yes plurial please ! Multiple ! I even travel with posca now ! Yes ! You need to have what bring you more pleasure with you at anytimes ! So i start just following the water shades, the colors and some mystical animals, water land worlds come into reality. This need to be out of me. I cannot keep that closed inside !

2 days ago I start a new drawing...HERE COME THE SUN... And this old story of drawing trees come to my creative mind during the process...I realized that my thing is not to draw perfect representation of nature...this is to express the unique way that i see nature. My unique way to connect with nature.

My creative universe has always been so mystical, magical, unique, poetic...AND...I love it...I do love it...I do not want to try to represent something that everybody see, i want to represent how I feel it, how I see it, my unique way...I just let my life force energy guide me into my creative process...I draw like I paint, I sing, I danse...just to capture the moment, the now, the energy, the motions that I feel just right now...EASY...SOOOO EASY !

There is nothing complicate in it. This is so accessible for everyone...This is a powerful source of energy...because in this moment we can receive the entire universe...the unknown...ART is enough...because while your are painting/drawing or what so ever, this are just reuniting spirit & earth. You are communicating your unique way to be a conscious creator within the world. You are taking your place, owing your responsability as being and creator AND sometimes you are even receiving just juicy inspiration for your business, your couple, your life...So what else is doing this ? SEX...because art is all about sex and sex all about art...and sex & art all about...LIFE ! Without art there is no let's create more aliveness in this world...let's be an artist... What do you want to do more than that ? just paint...paint is enough... Here is my journey on "here come the sun"...There is so much in this drawing...a decade of artistry, connexions, awareness...


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