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Holli shit ! YOUR ART IS ENOUGH !

That's a life time initiation to be an artist, to find our true and own voice, to discover how we can create money with it's own art. All this industry is sometimes overwealming.

Your art is not enough. You are not enough as Artist. You need to be more, do more...Stop.


You art is enough. As artist, you are just enough. If you want to only focus on your artistic carreer and feel called to do it...JUST DO IT. Do not received wrong messages coming from outside. You can just do it...

However, if you also love sharing your gifts, if you love being with people and share your own creative process, you can definitely, guide into a deep transformation through art or just a playful place to juste be & create. THERE IS NO RULES...

Only your own rules...You can be who ever you want. You can do what ever your want. Just follow your desires, the pulse of your life force energy. SHE knows the way. For me our primal energy is our creation power. The creation power will push us until we accept to grow and to birth to our next level as artist...This is something not coming from the mind saying "i need to transform, this, this and this in my life, to be this", this is our natural way. Transformation is encoded in our cells. Growing is natural when time is coming.

This is so unique to every one...You do not have to be a creative guide, nor exhibit, nor being online, having a website, nor a boutique, to be a successful artist. There is no a A to Z strategy to follow. Being artist is not a plan. Being artist is so not logic, this is all about navigating the unknown in the canva and also on the business side.

This is all about saying YES to your next step by doing & being what you are called to be/do. What is coming from inside, not from outside. TRUST the unknown on the canva and on your Art Business...There is no a unique way to be a successful artist, there is YOUR UNIQUE WAY. Just found it how this works for you.

I felt the pulse to express it here. 2023 will be for me a deep opening on International. Iam ready to guide not only french Artists but worldwide artists on their path. If you are ready for a big change, Iam reopening an amazing 6 months container to guides Artist exhibit in Europe, aligned to their true purpose, access to their next creative empowerment level and be paid for it. Let's chat together. Only one requirement : to love my french accent, and my very unique sens of humor...please do not laugh...I see you are laughing right now ! Send me a voice message if you are so excited by this unique experience !

If you have this burning desire from weeks, months, years to show your work, let's make this dream real ! This is one of my talent to make our dreams come into reality. Inspired by this message ? Tag an artist who need to read this message ! Remember, your art is enough, you are enough ! Evelyne

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