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I paint life

This first start with my first painting. That night I travel space & time. Iam projected into the void, into the emptyness, the infinite space. It was dark so dark. Not a kind of dark to be afraid. A kind of dark where you feel complete, all you, united. Then i saw those amazing spirals and frequencies of colors. Colors that doesn't exist in the real world. I wake up on the morning. I was aware that i was in this dream & awaken state, between inner and outer worlds. I was aware of it. First thing in the morning, I felt different, I felt more alive, I felt something new in my cells, in my body, in my entire being.

I got only this though coming from nowhere...this vision was so amazing that i wanted to paint it. I wanted to bring this vision to my reality. I do not know how but i feel that trying to paint it was the thing to do. I wasn't very talented with an art at this time of my life...I didn't know how to paint. I just have time and the yearning desire to paint...this all start like was exactly 11 years ago, same period of the year...

Since then I never stop painting my inner world. I paint life...I paint the others worlds, the life force energy. Sometimes this is cells, star dust, eco-system, multi-verse, black hole...I do not know what i paint...I paint it...

Sometimes during a creation process i paint genes, dna structure, atom, or neuro-transmettor. I even learn new words in the fiels of quantic physique or our body biology while Iam painting. My art is my best system of information. This is what I use to alchimise my life...

The of my last underwater collection piece. Each art piece is an oracle painting. This comes with an inspired message. People usually use my art as a meditation tool to enter in new consciousness state, receive an healing energy, or simply connect to their body and who they are. Art is a powerful medecine to bring transformation in our interiors as well as our inner world. True transformation occurs when we can shift the energy. Art is a master for energy transformation, that will have transformation in the matter is energy...this is the easiest way to access to deep and profund transformation.

The calling is on sell on my online store. Please comment or send me a message if you are in love with this one and want to have a endless love story with it on your home interior.

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